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Exclusive cushions from designer fabrics

Whether you're looking for exclusive design or stylish eye-catchers - with an exclusive cushion, you can create an individual flair in your apartment. And exclusive at Arnberg means really exclusive: high-quality materials and craftsmanship are what distinguish our cushions. You can feel it, but you can see it. If you are looking for a cushion away from the mainstream, but still within trend, you will find it quickly. In the current season especially our Italian leather cushions are announced. Available in the colors taupe, gold brown and copper, they combine to almost any sofa and set highlights. The material used are simply stunning. Just try them out!

The matching cushion for every sofa

Of course, we do not only pay attention to the material of the cushions, but also on the size. On large sofas, a cushion in the size of 40X40 cm would quickly look lost. Our solution: We offer bespoke cushions in a variety of sizes so that the exclusive cushion matches your sofa, bed or chair. You have the choice between designer cushions in the sizes 40x40cm, 50x50cm, 60x60cm, 60x35cm and 60x45 cm. However, In most cases our standard size cushion of 50x30cm will suite perfectly.

Designer fabric cushion for sofa, bed and couch

Our designer fabric cushions are real eye-catchers on every sofa. Thanks to our wide collection, you can quickly and easily bring a new style of living into your home at any time of the year, or just when you feel like it. Our Nea cushion series, for example, instantly evaluates every sofa and chaise longue. The high-quality material, the exclusive use of brand fabrics and the skillful craftsmanship testify to high quality, which radiates to the entire living space. The restrained, plain top can be combined with almost any fabric and immediately brings peace and comfort into every room. A cushion that invites you to linger and relax, a real luxury cushion. Our exclusive designer cushions adorn every room. They set accents without being intrusive and make the sofa, chaise longue, bed or even the coach a place where you like to linger. With our exclusive cushions, furniture becomes more than just a seating - they become a feel-good oasis. Just the right thing for people with a refined taste. With Arnberg you can live stylishly!

Exclusive and decorative cushions with excellent fillings

Everyone can see at first sight that our exclusive cushions are noble designer pieces, which consist of high quality. Not only the luxurious outer cover, which is available at Arnberg in different colors, shapes and materials, but also the cushion filling promise the highest quality for higher demands. For the filling of our high-quality cushions we only use first-class synthetic fibers. So we can guarantee that the cushions can used for a long time - which they surely will be, they do not lose their volume thanks to the high-quality synthetic fiber filling and are as stylish and comfortable as on the first day. But not only that: thanks to the filling of high-quality synthetic fibers, the inner cushion is ideally suited for allergy sufferers. The material has significantly One more reason to cuddle yourself in the luxury cushion. Because: the cushions of Arnberg are so comfortable that it often happens that you simply fall asleep on them. So you can see: The stylish designer cushions from our online shop not only look adorable, they invite you to feel good and relax. What more do you want?

The exclusive cushions in our collection have the following features::

Exclusive designer fabrics
High quality craftsmanship
 High quality insert
Standard size or Bespoke cushions