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Throws and Blankets

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Plaids and blankets - exclusive warmth and comfort

At Arnberg you will find exclusive warm plaids and blankets for every home style. On a plain colored sofa, our exclusive mohair plaids are a real highlight. You will be amazed how quick and easily you can change the look of your sofa and room with a new plaid or blanket. With a plaid or blanket made of a high-quality and exclusive material like Mohair or Merino wool, you can't go wrong. The natural materials are extremely durable and long lasting at the same time. When choosing a plaid or blanket out of mohair or Merino wool you surely will enjoy a quality piece.

Plaids and blankets in great colors and different designs

In our online store you will only find high quality products out of carefully selected materials. This is of course also the case with our plaids and blankets. And here - as with the other Arnberg products - we do not just want being warm and feeling good, The design has to be right as well. A plaid is always an eye-catcher in every room because of its material and size. Drape our beautiful plaids over a sofa or armchair and you will immediately notice what a difference it makes! For the brave, we have colorful plaids and blankets in our assortment. Blankets in a strong dark blue, rich green or bright pink - for every home style there is a right color. For those who prefer it to be reserved, we also have contemporary tones in our collection: a playful light blue, a classic-elegant white or plaids in earthy mustard tones. Let us surprise you! You can also find colorful mohair blankets with dyed fringes. The plaid Valentina comes in a strong orange, which is surrounded by fringes in an earthy brown.

Blankets or plaids with checks or stripes

Not only the color has to be right, the design must also fit. Well, we also offer warm plaids and blankets in different designs. In addition to the classic plain design, Arnberg has Plaids and blankets checkered or with stripes in a beautiful contrasting natural colors. The plaid Birgit is held in a classical-timeless beige, which is loosened by three strips of cream. In addition, we also carry the classics in our assortment: the wool blanket Dora with its natural white base color and checks in gray is the epitome of the comfortable plaid. Cuddle up and immediately feel comfortable - this is guaranteed with this blanket. And she looks amazing, too!

Plaids and blankets in standard and oversize

Sometimes it has to be something more. For these cases, we have warm extra large plaids and blankets in the assortment. For a person, sofa or an expansive living area, you can find suitable blankets and plaids in oversizes 140x240cm - so that the whole family can cuddle together. Our standard sized plaids are available in the size 130x200cm.

Plaids and blankets: natural and undyed wool

If you like it natural, you will find plaids and blankets, which are completely untreated and natural. Especially for families with children and small babies, but also for allergic persons, these blankets can be a great alternative. Because natural plaids and blankets contain fewer substances that could cause an allergy. You can recognize these woolen blankets in our shop by the fact that the colors look less intense and rather restrained - that can also look really great. Gentle, delicate colors in the plaid, on a strong sofa can conjure up a magnificent contrast, which one would not want to miss anymore. Cuddly soft and warm, these plaids are Made of: pure, unthreathed Scandinavian wool, you have an exclusive natural product. These really luxurious blankets keep what they promise: they immediately give a cozy, warm, comfortable feeling and at the same time they a real eye-catcher. With our exclusive mohair, Merino or Scandinavian woolen blankets, it's immediately clear that quality is paying off.

The plaids and blankets in our collection have the following features::

Stylish look
Warm & Cozy
High quality craftsmanship
 High quality wool and Mohair
In standard and oversize